Women’s Health

old youngWhichever stage of womanhood you may be in, Chinese Medicine can help. Acupuncture is a hormone-free way to address our most common and frustrating female issues. Regular treatments can help normalize your cycle, address PMS, prepare for conception, provide pregnancy support, or ease the transition through menopause and throughout later life.

Diagnosis is based on several symptoms that you may be experiencing, which all add up to your individual pattern. Many seemingly unrelated symptoms may in fact be one simple pattern in Chinese Medicine. This means that several issues may be addressed at once and healing can occur at many different levels. Emotional and physical symptoms are linked and addressed together.

According to a study of 250 women undergoing IVF treatments, Acupuncture can more than double conception and live-birth rates. Carolyn is trained in Acupuncture protocols to help increase fertility in patients undergoing IVF procedures. She is also able to help regulate ovulation cycles and increase pregnancy outcomes naturally. Many women appreciate beginning with a natural approach before seeking out hormonal intervention.