Pain Management

Are you in pain and tried everything? Or maybe you don’t want to use medications or face surgery. At Romako Acupuncture, Carolyn can help! Acupuncture is incredibly effective for treating pain from a variety of causes. Sports injuries, back pain, work related injuries, and arthritis are among the conditions that can be relieved using Chinese Medicine. We all experience pain differently, and Carolyn takes into account your unique pain pattern, referral areas, and quality of pain.


Carolyn has had specific training in the treatment of Sports Injuries and chronic pain conditions. By combining traditional acupuncture theories with modern physiological research, Carolyn can provide immediate relief while treating the root cause for lasting results. Sports acupuncture includes the use of motor points along the affected muscles. These points are where the motor neuron innervates the muscle, which is a direct connection to the brain.  By stimulating these areas, muscles are re-wired and reset to their natural state. By needling both the tense muscle and the opposite (or antagonist) muscles your body is returned to balance and future injury can be prevented.


Arthritis and back pain can be alleviated quickly through the use of acupuncture, moxibustion, and bodywork.  The application of heat through moxibustion provides soothing and penetrating relief to arthritic joints and contracted muscles. Medications are effective to relieve pain, but acupuncture goes to the root and provides lasting pain-relief without any side effects.