Traditional Chinese Medicine uses a unique diagnosis system that is very different from the Western medical approach.  Diagnosis is based on a pattern of several symptoms in addition to tongue and pulse readings. Your condition and progress is evaluated through the qualities of your pulse and the appearance of your tongue. Each appointment will include thorough questioning, pulse reading, and tongue diagnosis.  Acupuncture is then performed by inserting fine, hair-like needles into specific points on the body and ears.

Points are carefully chosen based on a thorough intake process during your first visit. The points are located on meridians, which are a communication network throughout your entire body.  Gentle stimulation is sometimes applied to the needles through manual manipulation or through the use of a subtle electrical current (referred to as “e-stim”). Western medical research confirms that these acupuncture points interact with the local muscles, related organs, brain activity, and hormone levels. Because Acupuncture points have an effect on both physical and chemical levels, it is used to treat a wide variety of conditions including:





•weight loss

•smoking cessation



•side effects from chemotherapy

•the common cold

•For a complete list of conditions from the World Health Organization, visit