About Carolyn


Carolyn Romako earned her Master of Science degree in Acupuncture from Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder, Colorado, and her Bachelor’s Degree from Juniata College. While in graduate school, Carolyn focused her studies on Sports Medicine, Pain Management, Women’s Health, and HIV/AIDS support.  Through coursework, independent study, and clinical experience she developed her unique style and in-depth knowledge of traditional and modern applications of Chinese Medicine.

Carolyn was introduced to Acupuncture while in high school. She played several instruments and was very active in the music department. Few musical instruments were designed with ergonomics in mind, and she incurred repetitive motion injuries to her wrists and elbows. After visits to various healthcare practitioners, she found Acupuncture to provide the quickest and longest lasting pain relief.  Carolyn hopes to use her expertise to treat other musicians and athletes who refuse to let injuries stop them from doing what they love.

Born and raised in Central Pennsylvania, Carolyn graduated from Cedar Cliff High School. Throughout college and high school, she played Rugby and performed in various musical ensembles. She enjoys traveling, and has studied wildlife in Australia and India.

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