The Importance of Continuation of Treatment

“I tried Acupuncture once, it didn’t do anything”

This is a phrase that Acupuncturists hear almost daily. And it is absolutely true. I do not know where the rumor began, but Acupuncture is not a one-shot miracle cure. It is a subtle energetic form of medicine that is re-teaching the body how to heal itself. Our bodies have remarkable healing abilities. When they are out of balance, these healing processes are disrupted. Continuation of treatment is vital to ensure quick and lasting healing from Acupuncture.

My follow up question to these nay-sayers is “How many sessions did you do?”. Often, the answer is one to three. A skilled Acupuncturist will tell you at the beginning of treatment to plan on at least four to six treatments before being reevaluated. One study has shown that immune system responses are not significant after the first treatment, but are substantial after the third. This does not mean that you will be completely healed after four to six treatments. By that time, some improvement should be seen, and it will become easier to predict how many more treatments will be necessary.

Do you expect to go to the gym and walk out with six pack abs? Absolutely not! The same goes for Acupuncture or any natural healing modalities. Each Acupuncture treatment is like a training session, with each one building upon the last. With more frequent sessions at the beginning of treatment, results will be seen much quicker. Treatment frequency can then be tapered off. “Tune-ups” are necessary as preventative care for chronic conditions and to maintain optimal health and balance. Treatments are much more effective at the beginning stages of a flare up. Following through with a recommended treatment plan will ensure fewer set backs and a quicker recovery.

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