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...Romako Acupuncture is the practice of Carolyn Romako L.Ac., and associate Ann Kirby L.Ac.. We are located in Mechanicsburg, PA

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Curious about Acupuncture?

Learn more about how this 5,000 year old healing art can help you

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Achieve your Healthy Goals

Revive energy, decrease pain, optimize performance, encourage restorative sleep, and continue on the right path toward a healthful life.

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Is It Right for You?

•Treats the Root Cause •What to Expect • What Does it Feel Like?

Pain Management

• Sports Injuries • Back, Joint, and Arthritis Pain • Repetitive Motion Injuries

Women's Health

• PMS • Infertility • Maternity • Menopause

Meet the Acupuncturists

Learn more about Carolyn and Ann • Background Info • Education • Certification

From The Blog

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The Importance of Continuation of Treatment

“I tried Acupuncture once, it didn’t do anything”
This is a phrase that Acupuncturists hear almost daily. And it is absolutely true. I do not know where the rumor began, but Acupuncture is not […]

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Acupuncture for Chemo Related Side Effects

Acupuncture is effective at stimulating the body’s own healing processes, helping the body to recover from external influences. This is especially true when medications are causing the body to be out of balance, […]

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